“Kendra is a professional dancer herself and is committed to the integrity of her practice, including honoring its roots in older forms practiced by women in the Middle East for centuries. […] Her commitment is rewarding to see.”

Meg Hunt
Retired, Faculty of Dance
The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington

“As a professional dancer of Mideastern dance, Kendra showed a strong commitment to her studies. […] Her [work] was of consistently high quality. […] She also expressed a deep respect and commitment to this art form, as well as impressive cross-cultural understanding. It has been a pleasure working with her.”

Therese Saliba
Professor of Middle Eastern Studies
The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington

“I select dancers carefully for special events and parties that I host. Kendra has become my favorite because she is always elegant and professional. Kendra has been trained by the best dancers and mentors. I have always loved to watch her dance and I use any occasion and excuse to hire her because I know she can bring joy and happiness to anybody who watches her.”

Roya Blevins
Owner of Zeeba Salon
Salem, Oregon

“Kendra is a delight to watch perform! As a native born Egyptian, I believe Kendra is the best dancer I’ve had the privilege to hire and my Arabic dinners will not be the same without her. You will not be disappointed.”

Mervet Sanchez
Marketing Representative, Pioneer Title Company
Olympia, Washington

“Kendra’s authentic and professional performances were always well received and enjoyed by many. Her art is an asset to any community.”

Ali and Sandra Raad
Owners of the Sweet Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant
Olympia, Washington

“We were so fortunate to have Kendra perform for us. Her costumes were gorgeous, she had an exotic look that our patrons enjoyed and she whipped the crowed into a frenzy. By the end of her performance they were clapping and hooting their approval! Kendra was such a joy to have on our performance roster, always professional and pleasant to work with. We will be sad to see her go ­ but know that bigger and brighter things are on her horizon.”

Mark Zolun
Owner of Iraila Mediterranean Restaurant
Eugene, Oregon

“Kendra has a touch for the music and movement of the dancing of the Middle East; and she makes you feel like she is from that culture.”

Samira Roufail
Retired, Manager of the Gladstone Care Center
Portland, Oregon

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