Kendra teaches credit classes at Portland Community College and Portland State University. She is also an instructor at The Ballroom Dance Company in Tigard and the Kemba Shannon Dance Center in North Portland. For information about her current teaching schedule, please contact Kendra. Scroll down to read about her teaching philosophy.

In addition to technique and fitness, Kendra’s classes focus on learning how feel the rhythm while creating effortless, centered movement.  Relaxation, breathing, and enjoying the moment, as well as expression that is spontaneous and authentic, is emphasized. Dancers will also learn to identify important musical dynamics and interpret them through both improvisation and choreography.  Kendra has dedicated herself to creating a fun learning environment that supports each dancer’s unique potential and power. 

The basis for Kendra’s teaching style has been greatly influenced by concepts learned from Egyptian masters such as Gamal Gomaa, Mona El Said, Mo Geddawi and Raqia Hassan. She has also studied with Suhaila Salimpour, Delilah, and Helene Ericksen. Her most important influence is her mother, who dedicated herself to teaching this dance form for over 20 years.

Kendra loves teaching dance! Over the past decade Kendra has taught at Oregon State University, The Evergreen State College and the University of Monterrey in Mexico City. She has also taught classes at the Johansen School of Ballet in Washington and the Oregon Academy of Ballet in Eugene. For information about her current teaching schedule, please contact Kendra.



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